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Dear VCE 'Encountering Conflict' students,

This is a space for you to practise different forms of writing and responding to set prompts. When you write a piece you will need to indicate whether you are using The Secret River or The Rugmaker to inform your writing. You also need to provide a mini statement of explanation that outlines form, audience, purpose and context.

You will also be expected to read each others' work and use the comments feature and DIIGO (a web tool useful for conferencing) to provide feedback to each other. When conferencing you can comment about what is working well in the piece, areas for improvement and how you can see the prompt and nominated text influencing the piece. Due to this you might need to edit a post you have submitted so label each edit as post 1, post 2, etc.


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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some initial ideas for writing in response to The Rugmaker

You could write:

  • an opinion piece that is persuasive - further informing Australian readers of the constant turmoil Afghanistan people experience in terms of everyday life, the corrupt political system they live under, giving an opinion on their voting system in comparison to Australia's.
  • an imaginative poem - it could describe the harsh conditions of the society in Afghanistan, as well as being burdened with the fear of explosions, murder, attack at any time.
  • a persuasive speech about how the taxpayer's money is going towards what seems to be a never ending cause in terms of Australian military.
  • diary entries from an Australian soldier based in a camp in Afghanistan - discussing the conditions, experiences, feelings.
  • an opinion piece on the conditions for Australian soldiers based in Afghanistan and how suitable they are or aren't.
  • a personal letter from a soldier written to a loved one back home describing the conditions Afghanistan.
  • a research piece on suicide bombers. What leads them to become suicide bombers and the affects it has on people.
  • An opinion piece sharing a person's thoughts on suicide bombers and the Taliban.
  • a persuasive piece about ways to control people smugglers - measures that could be put in place.
  • an imaginative piece that tells the story of a refugee family coming to Australia.
  • a diary entry of an Australian border security guard who patrols the coast of Australia.
  • an opinion piece about whether people believe NATO air strikes should take place in Afghanistan.
  • a persuasive piece about why NATO should stop air strikes on Afghanistan - because it impacts on civilians - is this as bad as the Taliban?
  • A diary piece of an Afghan civilian who has experienced an air strike where they live - they have survived - they detail their feelings, physical suffering they encounter, etc.
  • an expository essay about the how the richer refugees are able to leave their country while the poorer ones are left behind.
  • a persuasive essay on whether governments are doing enough to discourage people smugglers.
  • an imaginative piece - a short story about two Afghans who are trying to get to Australia - only one of them gets a visa, the other is knocked back - show how their lives differ after they have been through the visa process.

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