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Dear VCE 'Encountering Conflict' students,

This is a space for you to practise different forms of writing and responding to set prompts. When you write a piece you will need to indicate whether you are using The Secret River or The Rugmaker to inform your writing. You also need to provide a mini statement of explanation that outlines form, audience, purpose and context.

You will also be expected to read each others' work and use the comments feature and DIIGO (a web tool useful for conferencing) to provide feedback to each other. When conferencing you can comment about what is working well in the piece, areas for improvement and how you can see the prompt and nominated text influencing the piece. Due to this you might need to edit a post you have submitted so label each edit as post 1, post 2, etc.


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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One conflict always contains the seeds of another

General Opinions/Ideas

- One conflict can contain other types of conflict within it.

-A conflict may contain one seed of other conflict but others may contain many of them.

For the prompt

- A war is a massive conflict in itself, however inside the war is the conflict of the different ranks and the individual men and woman in the war. A war may have started due to two world leaders fighting amongst themselves. This fight may have then escalated to a major war between the countries.

Against the Prompt

- Not all conflicts contain the seeds of another. Some conflicts may occur spontaneously due to an event that happened at that moment in time. For example, two best friends may have a fight due to something stupid one of them said to the other.

Three possible writing responses to the prompt

-A news article on the conflict about using nuclear power. This topic is a major issue in today's society. This conflict contains many seeds of other conflicts, such as the conflict that surrounds the accidents that happened at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island. Another seed of conflict that is within this issue is the cost and time that is needed to build a successful nuclear power plant. The target audience for this piece is young adults, adults and elderly people within society.

-An imaginative story that features conflicts that surround war and the effects it has on the individuals involved. The story could be a diary entry from a soldier in the war. By speaking through the voice of a war beaten soldier, the audience will be able understand and get that point that is trying to be conveyed. The target audience for this writing piece could be anyone from a Year 10 range to elderly.

-An expository piece on how conflict is a major part of everyday life and how many conflicts throughout our lives stem from previous conflicts in our lifetime. The target audience for this piece could be teenages through to elderly cizitens.

By Amanda Johnson and Sarah Cox =)

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