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Dear VCE 'Encountering Conflict' students,

This is a space for you to practise different forms of writing and responding to set prompts. When you write a piece you will need to indicate whether you are using The Secret River or The Rugmaker to inform your writing. You also need to provide a mini statement of explanation that outlines form, audience, purpose and context.

You will also be expected to read each others' work and use the comments feature and DIIGO (a web tool useful for conferencing) to provide feedback to each other. When conferencing you can comment about what is working well in the piece, areas for improvement and how you can see the prompt and nominated text influencing the piece. Due to this you might need to edit a post you have submitted so label each edit as post 1, post 2, etc.


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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


During class you will have been presented with a variety of prompts and asked to debate them with your classmates. You will have considered the prompts from a positive and negative stance. Your job is to now:

1) type up and post the viewpoints and ideas generated from the debates
2) brainstorm three writing ideas for the prompt you ended up with. Explain the form, influence/s of the nominated set text and the ideas that inform your piece which are arising from the prompt and Context
3) read through the arguments and ideas for writing your classmates have posted and comment back with any further thoughts you have

Don’t be afraid of the Context section of the exam, use it as a chance to be inspired in your thinking; to explore, appreciate and challenge ways of looking at the world in regards to ‘encountering conflict’. Use expository, persuasive and/or imaginative writing forms as vehicles to convey your understanding of the implications of the prompt you are set. Within your piece employ ideas, themes and/or literary devices from your nominated text in some way, aim for these connections to be discernible. A key to doing the best that you can in the Context section is to write from points of interest; enjoy putting forward your point of view the way you do when chatting, having a friendly argument or making up a story to fool, scare, teach or humour someone.

Good Luck!!!

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